How To Get Rid Of Skin Lumps (Lipomas) Naturally!

(HealthAndLovePage) Skin lumps are harmless growths that can appear on the neck, head, underarm or arm at any age. Their medicinal name is lipomas.

In most cases, lipomas form appear in once place of the body, but many people witness their growth in different parts of the body and they can certainly cause many unpleasant situations.

Modern science still cannot provide a precise answer about what exactly causes lipoma, but certain studies have confirmed that their appearance is definitely linked to genetics. It is good to point out that increased fat presence in the blood and being overweight or obese does not encourage their formation.

Fat Tissue (Lipomas) Removal in a Natural Way

Since many people are afraid of surgeries and most of them are worried about the side effects of medicines, they are wondering if it is possible to remove skin lumps in a different, natural way. Truth to be told, in most cases doctors will suggest surgery, which is performed in private clinics or general hospitals. Some other recommended procedures are laser of skin lumps and the use of radio waves.

However, it is worth mentioning that any of these methods cannot guarantee that after the procedure is finished you won’t have to deal with lipomas again. It is also advised to consult several experts before you choose surgery or any of the previously mentioned methods because in some cases they can be avoided. This is especially true in cases when lipomas are very small and when they don’t disrupt your everyday life.

Skin Lumps - Lipomas

This is when dermatologists suggest using certain natural treatment solutions. There is one recipe that has proven to be helpful for hundreds of people all over the world and that’s why it is usually recommended by dermatologists – honey with wheat flour mixture.

Honey and Wheat Flour Mixture against Skin Lumps

Use equal amounts of flour and honey in order to create a mixture. Apply this mixture on the affected area. The recommended thickness of this mixture is between 0.5 and 1 cm. Once you apply it, place a paper towel or gauze over the mixture in order to protect your clothes.

Make sure that this natural remedy is protected with the paper or gauze and leave it like that for about 36 hours. After that, rinse the area, make another mixture and apply it again. You should use this remedy for about 5 times or eight days in total. After eight days, you should notice improvement. This mixture encourages the breaking of fat structure under the skin.

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